Newport News Behavioral Health Center Reviews

Newport News Behavioral Health Center Reviews


Newport News Behavioral Wellbeing Center (NNBHC) could be a psychiatric healing center located in Newport News, Virginia. The office could be a portion of the bigger All Inclusive Wellbeing Administration (UHS) arrangement, which works with more than 350 healthcare offices over the Joined Together States, Puerto Rico, and the Joined Together Kingdom. NNBHC gives inpatient and outpatient mental well-being administrations for children, youths, and grown-ups. In this article, we are going to survey the NNBHC, looking at the quality of care, treatment results, and quiet fulfillment.

History and Foundation:

NNBHC was built in 1987 by the Eastern State Healing Center and afterward procured by UHS in 1993. The office includes a capacity of 80 beds, and it offers a run of mental well-being administrations, counting intense inpatient care, halfway hospitalization, serious outpatient care, and outpatient treatment. The hospital’s staff comprises therapists, clinicians, social laborers, medical caretakers, and mental well-being specialists.

Quality of Care:

The quality of care given by NNBHC has been subject to investigation in later a long time. The clinic has been cited by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Administrations (CMS) for infringement of persistent care benchmarks. In 2019, the healing center was found to have lacked contamination control and failed to give satisfactory preparation to staff on avoiding the spread of infectious diseases. The CMS issued a quotation and forced a punishment of $2,000 per day until the healing center adjusted the insufficiencies.

Treatment Results:

The treatment results of NNBHC are troublesome to the survey since the healing center does not distribute information on patient outcomes or track persistent fulfillment. Be that as it may, agreeing to the hospital’s site, the treatment modalities utilized at NNBHC are evidence-based and custom-made to meet the desires of personal patients. The hospital’s treatment programs are planned to address a range of mental well-being conditions, counting discouragement, uneasiness, bipolar clutter, and schizophrenia.

Persistent Fulfillment:

Persistent fulfillment is a critical degree of the quality of care provided by healthcare offices. Tragically, there’s restricted data accessible on persistent fulfillment with NNBHC. The clinic does not distribute persistent fulfillment information, and there are few online surveys from previous patients. Be that as it may, a few patients have communicated disappointment with the hospital’s communication and client benefit.

Staffing and Preparing:

The staffing and preparation of healthcare experts are basic to giving quality care. NNBHC employs therapists, clinicians, social specialists, medical attendants, and mental well-being specialists to provide care to patients. The clinic offers preparation programs for staff to guarantee that they are prepared with the abilities and information required to supply compelling treatment.

Office and Comforts:

The office and conveniences given by healthcare facilities can affect the understanding of involvement. NNBHC offers a present-day and comfortable office, with comforts such as an exercise room, diversion room, and open-air recreation area. Patients have get to nutritious dinners and snacks, and the healing center gives transportation for off-site exercises.

Community Outreach:

NNBHC is committed to serving the mental well-being needs of the community. The clinic collaborates with neighborhood schools, community organizations, and healthcare suppliers to improve access to mental well-being administrations. NNBHC moreover offers instructive programs and bolster bunches for patients and their families.

Protections and Installment:

The fetching of mental well-being administrations can be an obstruction to getting care. NNBHC acknowledges a run of protection plans and offers budgetary help to patients who qualify. The hospital’s site gives data on protections and installment options, as well as a budgetary help application.


In conclusion, NNBHC may be a psychiatric healing center that gives mental well-being administrations to children, adolescents, and grown-ups. The healing center has been cited for insufficiencies in quiet care measures, and persistent fulfillment information is restricted. Be that as it may, the hospital’s treatment programs are evidence-based, and staff are prepared to supply quality care. The office is present-day and comfortable, and amenities are given to upgrade the understanding encounter. NNBHC is committed to serving the mental well-being needs of the community and offers monetary help to patients who qualify. In case you or an adored one is in require of mental well-being administration, it is imperative to carefully inquire about and consider all available alternatives sometime recently making a choice.

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